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Violet - Behind the Scenes

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The Transition ❤


Feelings are so deceiving most of the times. Earlier you were so happy after awhile you are now angry then perhaps back to your normal……

by Yannn

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Jie Hernandez

Yap. Title implies waiting for the nearing graduation day. Should countdown begins now? I guess so. Earlier today, I have finished……

by jie-hernandez

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Nangangamoy Diploma

Mayve Olaño

  Yan yung isang post ng kaklase ko. Hindi pa kasi nya nakukuha yung grad pic nya. Sakin nakuha ko na nung Saturday pero ayun,……

by PinkCat

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My 2013 - Part 2

Tom Chimiak

Continuing through the year, in this blog we will focus on the highlights between the months May - August, which proved to be a career……

by tom-chimiak

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