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Trust the main thing which come first to believe or being in relation with all. Trust the most important part of human’s lives.……

by shonimano

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Sharafat Sheikh

THE TRUTHFUL The story of Hazrat Abdul Qadir is well known to all Muslim. Three hundred years ago there was a boy in Arabia. His father……

by sharafat-sheikh

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Man created for heartache Others pain , grief and share in the name of compassion . The secret lies in the creation of man , they……

by shahbazkhan

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Sectarians Fight

malika shah

Sectarians Fight Sectarian means pertaining in a religion in their own way. Actually, some group of leaders and scholars who make……

by malikashah

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Justifying a Sin

Hikmat zia

  Justifying a sin, Does it work? Has it worked before? Has the outcomes from history and stories been satisfactory?  Can……

by Hikmatzia

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Haft Qalam Stone

sabria hamedy

Haft Qalam Stone is one of the most precious art pieces of east renaissance in Heart  and we can claim that it is unique in the……

by sabriahamedy

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