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Education of girls.

Rumaisa Khan

Girls are equal to boys in terms or rights, brain and soul. They are as strong as boys, as capable as boys,as intelligent as boys,……

by Jacey

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Handling Depression


Feeling down and losing a purpose of life is very much common in modern day society. Things don’t go accordingly, people let……

by pharoah

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Tanveer Naqshbandi

صوفی ریکی، پاکستان کے بین الاقوامی ادارے دور ریکی شفا یابی کی تیاری دور……

by tanveer-naqshbandi

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Beauty (Kat Najsarek)

Beauty is all around us. It is in the trees, the air we breathe, the different views we take in. I don’t like to limit the idea……

by lana-barron

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