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Heather Alba

YOUR body ON SUGAR The sweet stuff is so terrible for out fitness, some experts need it regulated like a drug. Right here, hidden……

by heatheralba

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Spanish Cuisine

Toshi Warraich

3 typical spanish dishes you should try once in life Spain has an extensive, varied cuisine and above all: very tasty! So here on bitlanders……

by toshi-warraich

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Healthy Diet Plan


When it comes to creating a healthy diet plan, small changes can make the biggest difference in the long run. If you are going to……

by jagjeetbdk

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My Flaxseeds Pancake

Moumita Samanta

Hi Friends,   Today I prepared a new recipe. Pancake with Flaxseeds. It is experimental. I never ate before or tasted that even.……

by sweetmou

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