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A visit at IDEAS 2016
Un Himno (My very first "Short")
Elephant bug movement
Elephant bug
'BACK DAMON' a Giorgio Armani Fashion…

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Hİ !

Ipekten Şenoğlu

This is the first blogpost i wrote here!  First let me introduce myself. I'm a interior designer who tries to create own firm……

by ipekten

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How to Ghost Hunt


How to Ghost Hunt   Hi everyone I am going to tell you about how to ghost hunt. and my experience with ghost experience. I have……

by vimper10

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Blogging for beginners

Nice Company

Do you have a passion of writing, and interacting with people? If you want to become a successful blogger, this article is for you.……

by nice-boy

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Events on Giving Tuesday  As not-for-profits rigging up to advance Giving Tuesday — the post-Thanksgiving raising money……

by SanaSunny

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Nouman Chatha

I begin with name of Allah who is the most Rehman and raheem and who is the master of day and night Assalam-o-Alaikum First of……

by nouman-chatha

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Styling Ideas..

مانوس اجنبی

It's been awhile since I did one of these inspiration collages and since I've been wearing yellow just about every other week here,……

by ReStLeSs

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White Picture Frames

Fernando Miranda

White picture frames often leave a good first impression in the eyes of the people who looked at them. They play a unique role among……

by sirty182

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Regular slim ideas.


Concentrate on only one healthful habit. You attempt not to provide yourself so many restrictions while at an event. Alternatively,……

by bskanth

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Eriana Sapphire

Has anyone tried the donut selfie yet? if you use the application "360", you can do this pretty easily. i can see a need for two types……

by eriana-sapphire

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Today, I am starting with my achievements to tell you that how I am inspired and motivated by peoples work. It is very important that……

by Zeeshan_Khan

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What's next?

Matt Geeling

  Characteristics and expression As an animator I enjoy is bringing life to something on screen. One of the biggest challenges……

by matt-geeling

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mudassar khan

Often we speak two kinds of courage physical courage and moral courage. Physical courage means to fight against difficult and make……

by mudassar-khan

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syed hidayatullah

Living a comfortable life is very difficult. A lot of challenges and hurdles come on every step of life. To face all these challenges……

by hadilove

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Persuasive Pound

Toby Goodman

This is a little fun short i came up with the other day, something we can all relate to and understand. Not a selection of mine to……

by toby-goodman

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Ziba Haidarey

Book is something which connects us around the world. By the book one can understand us about others, ideas, activities, and deed.……

by ziba-haidarey

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Good morning, America!


Such a beautiful time. 8:30 am.  There is a popular old saying in Russia, "God help those who get up early!" It is true……

by IvanK

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Biotech 8 Review

Andrew Heard

  Comedy is all about trying to figure out how far you can go in my opinion. When people go to see a stand-up comic, what the……

by AndrewHeard

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TiM Review

Andrew Heard

Tim Burton has a particular type of style. When he first came onto the film scene and people noticed him, it was definitely something……

by AndrewHeard

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