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New Movies Out for Christmas 2015
Fun with Monkeys In Nathiya Gali,Murree…
Trailer - The Colors of Joy
Operation: Bube's Brewery

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Hello guys,   INTRO I'm here to talk about my passion of acting. I am an actor here in Montreal, Qc, CAN, and I can tell you……

by FC-Power

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Cookiesmy dear!My cookiestasty - soothingCookiesIm hereYour cookiestasty - soothingCookieswait!what?there is no..MILK!

by Northener

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Soledad Dy

photo credit: www.amazingnature   Where can we find true joy and happiness that will last? The writer of this chorus in a song……

by soledad-dy

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IT specialist

BEST OF JOY  The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it.It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes……

by IT-specialist

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"Love is knowing you are the bud from which his happiness blossoms."   "Your presence in my life brings wonderful smiles and……

by nostate

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My immunity


Meet my nephew. I love him so much. I believe he is my immunity because whenever i see him i feel better, i forget everything and……

by Liza20

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3 Best Tv show in 2015


  1) Broad City' (Comedy Central)   It's 2015 and all popular society tries to the state of Broad City. Abbi Jacobson and……

by Zarri

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Sickness and health

Abid Khan

  Sickness and health Disease and health in human life comes, but in every situation a person should thank Allah. Health When……

by abid-khan

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Abdul Ali

last friday, we all decided to go for the party and have lots of fun together somewhere but the venue was not sure we decided to take……

by abdulali14

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life and joy

Deepa Venkitesh

a life is once experienced this planet may never come if you believe in rebirth it could occur as a bee or a bug a human life is rare……

by deepa-venkitesh

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you still my joy


I won't waste my lungs trying to speak it out to you..I passively reflect in most cases not to what has happened but to what i wrongly……

by dhelia

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i choose life

Anwar Hossain

Today I choose life. Every morning when I wake up I can choose joy, happiness, negativity, pain... To feel the freedom that comes……

by anwar-hossain

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hey jealousy

Eriana Sapphire

Jealousy. The green eyes monster. Why are its eyes green? Green is the color of life, of money. If you visualize green, and surround……

by eriana-sapphire

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Jesus Find the Joy

Clicks Job

“For the joy set before Him, He endured the cross” – Hebrews 12:2Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ teaches us to……

by bit-jobs

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Happy as You Want to Be

Lloyd Bellodo

Almost everyone have heard the hit single 'Don't Worry, Be Happy' by Bobby McFerrin. The song has a very catchy way of conveying its……

by zygrax

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fun in life

Deepa Venkitesh

poem for all what is there to enjoy if you do not enjoy some fun? fun in those moments you laugh at jokes fun when you play with your……

by deepa-venkitesh

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EXAMS GONE Exams as we all know it is a devil everyone has to encounter in life. There is always sadness attributed to exams but there……

by SalmaAnnex

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Waleed Iqbal

 BASANT FAIRBasant is a fastival of kite flying.It means yellow colr.It is associated with the blooming of yellow flowers of……

by Maani-Annex

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A Rainy Day


      It was very hot day. Sun was on his peak and we were feeling that it was very close to earth. The earth……

by zainbabu

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  However heart of night is dark and thick But I rip gloaming, brilliant window through it That spares your pondering in my mind……

by Oranos

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