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Joke of the day

BR kingstmoses

⭕JOKE OF THE DAY! ⭕ An old farmer wrote a letter to his son in prison. "Son, this year I will not plant cassava and yam because……

by kingstmoses

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Swimming Lessons?

Jean Beltran

In the Philippines, any child who lives nearby the sea knows how to swim without proper training. The reason about it is that since……

by jean-beltran

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I Miss My Lola (Grandma)

Lonie Sief

It was the 27th day of February last year when my grandma died. It's been a year since she passed away (age of 77).  I have already……

by Lonie

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Lesson in Life


A wise man sat in audience and cracked a joke, Everybody laugh like crazyAfter a moment he cracked the same joke again.This time less……

by Bittlanders

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  Life is Complex of pain , sadness and always hops but unfinished , it's all good, life is everything but not everyone has to……

by hekmatullah

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MY dear teacher


    , my dear teacher,the window of knowledge, Toward the dense of green flowers, I can remember the very first day of college,……

by fawziamohamadi

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