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Date Night

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Unrequited loves

jordan gerder

When a love is not reciprocated, do not keep trying, it is the indication that person is not for you, at any time of your life the……

by jordan-gerder

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Bello Sunny

LOVE. yes you could both feel it rushing through your veins, and the whole world could end without seeing each other.yes we altar……

by bosperky

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Courtly love


A code of love-making which flourished during the Middle Ages in the literature of Aristocratic, chivalric society and presumable……

by Freddoc-8532

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hy friends

Information Zone

My name is kiran and i am student of (M.B.A)  and i want to learn & earn online. If any one want to share any information……


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A flower Reminder

Sohaib Durrani

You remind me of a flower,Pretty, inside and outside.A reason why people smile everyday,A gift to all.You remind me of chocolate,Luscious……

by sohaib-durrani

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