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ADVERTISEMENTS In this modern world of business and industry advertisements are of great importance. Day by day the advertising science……

by SalmaAnnex

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Library is one of the key thing to gain knowledge and to take any type of help in studies and during exams for the student. Every……

by zareenaaltaf

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knowledge or money?


Knowledge is the best phenomenon in our life .it can be rescue the mankinda from misery. Knowledge is essential for both men and women.……

by hasty

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Business case no.5

Mohammed Hussein

Summary: Infant milk formula is the most useful and popular product in USA and Europe and it became a powder to be mixed in a specific……

by mohd227

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Journalism means the writing and editing of news reports publication and broadcast , once prepared, the material many appear in newspaper……

by hamayoonNoorzai

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New Fashion


     Fashion is something that varies every year. The color people choose, and trends of clothing people choose……

by ferriba

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Paid blogging

Farzaneh Popal

  Writing is a great ability and talent which has given for few numbers of people by God. Being a good writer is a very hard……

by setayesh2

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