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chief tut

hay guys it's good day right? today i'll share mi opinion about bitlanders as a media social is brand new for me. i'm……

by chief-tut

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Buzz Craze


Dear Bitlanders members, What we post here goes public. There are people who like to read and see something new. When I go to Homepage……

by makemyday

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Sharafat Sheikh

ADMINISTRATION Each State makes some rules and laws, for the Govt. institutions to effort competently. The making of rules and laws……

by sharafat-sheikh

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sahel hakimi

Sport Sport is very effected for health also sport is a physical activities action the people do for fun And as way to complete with……

by sahel-hakimi

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Technology VS Privacy

Mohammed Hussein

At the beginning no one can deny that we are living the victories and the revolution of the technology. And in this point I want everyone……

by mohd227

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    All human are parts of the same body While in essence of creation ought to be one When a member of the body is in pain……

by sadaqatsadiq

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