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Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)…

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pakistan history

Asma Noor

i like pakistan i love pakistan  pakistan is a best country pakistan zinda bad  pakistan zinda bad  pakistan zinda……

by asma-noor

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Moh Sodik

I think many people have known about this place because it is famous with English village where  there many English courses in……

by moh-sodik

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Emotion Vs Logic

Mohammad Kumail Jawadi

Some people hold the view that emotion must be given priority than logic. when it comes to making decisions, those who decide emotionally,……

by JawadiKumail

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Man created for heartache Others pain , grief and share in the name of compassion . The secret lies in the creation of man , they……

by shahbazkhan

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FASTJJJHHHHHHHHHHDE Islam is based on five beliefs.These are called (The five pillars of Islam)1.first belief is Word it main there……

by mariam234

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        In the name of almighty Allah, the most gracious and the most merciful We should thank our almighty Allah……

by saheem15saheem

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Home Loving

Niamat Sahabi

Home Loving    Everyone talks about his or her own country, its weather, mountains, rivers, people and many other this or……

by niamat-sahabi

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Fereshteh Akbarzada

  home loving is the sign of faithfulness . it is something that prophet of Islam Mohammad (P,B,U,H) said. this is a very short……

by FereshtehAkbarzada

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