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She sits down to cleanse. Breaks up into small pieces untidy words and overflowing feelings. The she tries to throw herself in a bag……

by Moirakrasia

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love what you are  Meaning to say Accepting things you don't have. Example you don't have the height, it doesn't mean you can't……

by liagingfei

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Getting to know me


Hi everyone. Just call  me Jane, that's what people usually called me. I am a struggling college student of the course Bachelor……

by Janney

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Hello Bitlanders!

Nina F

This is my first blogpost. My english isn't the best so please ignore my not perfect gramma! I decieded to say something about myself……

by Hanfrebellin

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my introduction

Babar Rafiq

Hi friends my name is babar rafiq and i am from islamabad pakistan, i am a student of fsc and want to become a future doctor. i like……

by babarrafiq22

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my introduction

Babar Rafiq

Hi friends my name is babar rafiq and i am from islamabad pakistan, i am a student of fsc and want to become a future doctor. i like……

by babarrafiq22

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What About Me?


Hi everyone, Rinkei here! I'm not really used to how things work here since I'm VERY new but, that lady in a business suit told me……

by Rinkei

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This is Me

Hatem Araar

Hello everyone, My name is Hatem. I'm 18 years old . I'm from Tunisia and I live there now.This is my last year in the high school……

by Csound

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Self introduction

Nadeem Ali

I begin with name of Allah who is the most Rehman and raheem ..Assalam-o-Alaikum! My name is nadeem Ali and you can call me nadeem.……

by Nadeem7201

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Allaiza Velasquez

  I am Allaiza Rochelle Velasquez. I am 20 yrs old and I lived in the Philippines. I am a 4th year college studying Bachelor……

by allaiza-velasquez

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Ohimesama desu

Leocel B. Roque

Hajimemashite , I'm from Japan , not so fluent in English . I always use my dictionary to help my grammar.  First time to try……

by Ohimesama

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A Life to Tolerate


  I have had a difficult life, very difficult.  When I was a young girl my parents arranged my marriage. My husband was……

by Afwebco

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Who is me ?

Juanda Brahma Metta

Hello everyone, my name is Juanda Brahma Metta. Its been a cooling way to introduce myself here cause i can earn bitcoin too. :P Well,……

by juanda-brahma-metta

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Hassan Raza

My name is Hassan Raza. I have done Masters. My age is 22yrs. I belong to a respected family. I am single. I like to make many friends.……

by lover-boy14335

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Aliza Mae De Guzman

  "Hear me out,There's so much more to life than what you're feeling nowSomeday you'll look back on all these daysAnd all this……

by Meiyow

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Hello World

Bruno Luengo

I will introduce myself. My name is Bruno, I'm 29 years old and live in Seixal, a town near Lisbon, Portugal. I love photography,……

by Luenguito

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Me ..............

Haris Rehman

Life is not always going to serve up what we would like (or even expect) at every turn. There will be trouble, trial, and pain. Again,……

by haris-rehman

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My Introduce!

Abdullah Al Noman

Hello friends, I am Abdullah Al Noman. I am from Bangladesh and I am student of Computer Science and Engineering. My hobby is writing.……

by Icon-Sunny

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Introduce Myself

Kanou Atama Kyousuke

Hillo Bitlanders friends, I want you know about me. I'm is author blogger for my my blog is Hot & Sexy Asian Girls I……

by AsiaLengLui

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My Name is Mau

Maureen Mendoza

Let me begin this blog by introducing myself with what more than you can find from my profile. My name is Mau. School Achiever.Volleyball……

by HiraiaSama

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About me

Faqih Hadya Gustin

About Me Hello... I'm Faqih Hadya Gustin. I'm 16 years old. I lived in Lubang Buaya Street RT003/06 No.6 Kel.Lubang Buaya Kec.Cipayung,……

by faqihhg

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My self


My name is Syed Jaffar Abbas naqvi. I live in Haripur,one of the popular city of KPK which is a province of Pakistan . I am doing……

by jafsam

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MY dear teacher


    , my dear teacher,the window of knowledge, Toward the dense of green flowers, I can remember the very first day of college,……

by fawziamohamadi

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