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Syed Zohaib Ali Shah

  Can Pakistanis rise to the occasion?   It’s been a while since I last visited Pakistan; long enough that the kids……

by Zohaibshah

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Mehndi, Henna

Alisha Khan

Henna (lawsonia inermis, also known as hina, Henna tree, mignonette tree, egyptian privet) is a flowering plant that grows 12-15 feet……

by alisha-khan-5843

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Occasion Cards

Heze Schel

You may consider occasion cards as being Christmas or Seasons Greetings cards, all things considered there are a lot of people more……

by Momi-Zel

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  The wave of life can be described as the fact that time never remains the same. As a wave consist of crest and trough, similarly……

by zareenaaltaf

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Idioms 6

Mohammed Hussein

And we are here again with the idioms and its usage in our daily life and I know it is a little bit difficult to memorize these idioms……

by mohd227

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