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My Comeback Blog


Hi Guys! This is my comeback blog. My name is Vanity, or my name is jvanity1, but you can call me Vanity, because that's what the……

by jvanity1

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Oprah For President?!


Image credits: GDL via pixaby   I'm not a huge fan of the idea if I must be honest.... Her speech at The Golden Globe WAS fantastic..but……

by o0pepper0o

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Controversial Blogging


I've come to realize some of my best viewed blogs are on controversial subjects. Nothing will get traffic and comments more then controversy.……

by mrpooper

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    What is habit ? Accustomed to the practice, procedure and the  repeatedly conduct of persons is defined habit .……

by hekmatullah

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City life

faridoon barekzai

There is a traffic jam. A big crowd is collected. It is 4 P.M at this time offices are closed. Another tiresome day for clerks has……

by faridoonbarekzai

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