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Own World Trailer
FC Barca legends - Luis Enrique
Photoshop Tut..1
В людях / On His Own
Pblcty's One Hot Minute Beta Edition…
Show Own Color
The Lovely Eva Mendes Talks About “The…
The Alternative Health Cures

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Bitlanders is a site where you can earn money for your content  You can write a blog , upload a movie or a gallery or you can……


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Good morning

Saif Ali

Dear friends,Each new day is a gift, that's why it's called the present. Life must be lived with love and humor.. love to understand……

by saif-ali-2240

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I Will Not Give Up


One day while I was going home from school I noticed a tall man with a long beard walking behind me. The next day, when the same man……

by Afwebco

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Affan Ahmed Khan

There are many peoples are destroying theworld by poluting and terrorism ETCWe start campaihgn For protecting the world  

by affan-ahmed-khan

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Anita Rasool

CRIME Crime is a bad action .i hope no body face to any kind of the crime ;because if anybody get habit to crime he will do it every……

by anita-rasool

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sadaf kiyani

 It is well known quotation of Abraham Maslow, "You can teach student a lesson for a day ; but if you can teach him to learn……

by sadaf-kiyani

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malika shah

The world where we are standing is an examination hall, our every point of moment, instant and way of living is count in a question……

by malikashah

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How To Learn English!


Here are some tips which may help you to master the English Language! Speak without Fear The biggest problem most people face in learning……

by viyaar

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Surfing it...

Extreme Sport

True beach lovers can't imagine their lives without surfing. It is perhaps one of the most affordable activities once you are at some……

by fastestTest

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Creative or banal?


Hello, guys. Today I created my profile on Film Annex, and I am happy to introduce myself to everyone attached to this social media……

by IvanK

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Sweet Asia TV

Hello, guys. Today I would like to say THANK YOU to Gene Geter, and dedicate this blog to him.   A few days ago we uploaded several……

by SweetAsiaTV

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