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I have always wondered what parenting was like since I was a little girl myself. I used to think that its a breeze, but I was wrong.……

by msksnk

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Bad Moms is Awesome


You ever thought of what it feels like to be a mom when you are/were single? I mean I never really thought it'd be tough being a mother,……

by ArtGirl

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Usapang Pwet...

Geetwo Narat

Malamang napaganyan ka nung nabasa mo title ng blog ko. Kung hindi man, I'm sure mejo naintriga ng onti. That is kung may tyaga……

by g2narat

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Gina Briley

This week, the flu hit my house with a vengeance.  All of my carefully laid plans went out the window, and I found myself canceling……

by GinaB

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