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Respect of our Parents

Zohaib Hussain

Hello, today I need to talk about parentingOur parents, our co is very important to take care of themWhat should be his to lose from……

by zed1

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Parent's Day


Family is the central unit of a general public and guardians and youngsters are the mainstays of it. Guardians are a kid's optimal.……

by Deepakmeena-II

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Education of girls.

Rumaisa Khan

Girls are equal to boys in terms or rights, brain and soul. They are as strong as boys, as capable as boys,as intelligent as boys,……

by Jacey

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About Kids


Now a days we are busy in our life. we did not spend time with our kids.So make the schedule and spend the time with your kids.

by micki-love

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Faizan Akhtar

You said I was crazy to sign up for an extreme long-distance relationship. You were wrong. I live in Orlando. He lives in Australia.……

by faizan-akhtar

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Digital Education

ابھا ابو بکر خالد

This current period of time is no doubt the era of technology where getting information about anything is just a click away. It is……

by Abha786

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Abid Khan

Children are very naughty and they do as you're told، Kids learn everything that they have taught you well  If they are good……

by abid-khan

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School is boring and everyone knows its boring, we use school sometimes to get away from parents and or annoying animals :/ did I……

by AnaylaMarie

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Bet You Didn't Know


40% of women have hurled footwear at a man. I imagine if you are a guy with a foot fetish this could be an enjoyable thing. As much……

by mrpooper

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Life Nuggets


For our graduation ceremony last March 26, 2015, we have invited Mr. Andreev Aquintey who is also an alumnus in our school to be our……

by denizee

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Being Appreciative

Riza Asuncion-Gomez

Appreciation is important in raising a child. Children tends to perform well if they receive an appreciation coming from their elders……

by riza-gomez

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We Follow The Leader

Blue Hype Design Bhd

We follow the leader because we have the confidence and trust in him. We follow people who can lead us and guide us for the betterment……

by iBit

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The love of a mother

Gimel Roda

It has been said that our mother is the light of the home. This is true because she is the one who spend so much time in caring for……

by gimel-roda

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" Generation gap"


The generation gap is something in which there are complications between two generations.Just like parents and children.No doubt that……

by jenefir

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Friends now we Muslims are going to celebrate our 2nd eid. On which we give scarifies of cows, goats, oxes and camels. The persons……

by shonimano

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Ahmer Annex

I read out the whole story. This is the story of the great love of father with his son. This is the true story made me cry. The boy……

by ahmer-annex

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ISLAM part 2


Islam s main message is to worship God and to treat all Gods creation with kindness and compassion . rights of parents in old age……

by marziasaeed

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Child labour


The word child stand for the young boy whose age is of less then 12 year the word labour means who work as a labour therefore these……

by abidfazal

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Now a days every body is busy in their own lives . Not just the youngsters but mature men and women have also made their lives so……

by Tkhan

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Love marriages!


Why is love marriage such a big issue in Pakistan? Why can't two people choose to live with each other? They know they can be happy……

by Zarrak-Khan

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Co Education

waqas sheikh

Co Educations system is increasing day by day in whole around the world. Co Education can cause to increase your confidence but unfortunately,……

by waqas-sheikh

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The most beautiful relation we have is the relation of our parents. Without them we are nothing .they give us an identity by giving……

by Janifer

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Home sweet home


Home is the place where all the people feel comfort and pleasure. Home is the only places where everybody becomes happy and feel relax.……

by zubair457

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Duties of Parents


Parents are the most precious and important gift from our God. There is nothing in this universe which can fulfill the place of parents……

by zareenaaltaf

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Cable T.V

Muhammad Zubair

  There have been many inventions of science for purpose of entertainment of men. We have radio, cinema, T.V and many other items.……

by muhammad-zubair-6348

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Life Smokers


Today I am going to write a most common problem in our society that is smoking. A majority of people around us smokes. They smoke……

by umairfilmannex

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"Teachers are spiritual parents." As a teacher it is essential parents honor and and  Respect like this are essential for the……

by abrar007

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malika shah

The world where we are standing is an examination hall, our every point of moment, instant and way of living is count in a question……

by malikashah

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Kindly aspect


Kindly guided in Islam that parents, teachers and elders are respected. With friends and love to be treated with courtesy. Be kind……

by shahbazkhan

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  Upon reading the ideas of Louise .M Rosenblatt about a text, I felt happy and joyous that is why, I agree in his assumption……

by fawziamohamadi

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Marwa Hassan

Showing love to your wife every day. Love doesn't mean five-star restaurants or tropical island getaways. It's the simple things that……

by marwa-hussan

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Bilingual Education

Aly Elsom

Effects of Bilingual Education on American Schooling Many American schools are lacking important programs that can improve their students’……

by aly-elsom

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This is theme if we speak as much about is less in fact Allah has given us many favors in this world from which the best is our parents.……

by saheem15saheem

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munawar hussain

This universe is made due to the love and this is love that’s. The God create the whole world. And his love of our great Holy……

by munawar-hussain-7171

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syed hidayatullah

Hi! my name is syedhidayatullah.i am a student of M.S.c mathematics in haripur university(k.p.k)pakistan.I was in hostel for……

by hadilove

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