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Mother Teresa - The Life of A Healer…

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peaceful nature

Mithun Sharma

Thinking about something first you see nature and and feel that nature gives us so peaceful air and sadow which is is very useful……

by mithun-sharma

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I Saw the Hell


The clock signaled the end of the day, darkness was slowly covering the sky. It was a peaceful atmosphere and the people were……

by Afwebco

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In the name of Allah War is the worst event around the world. When there iswar among the society, so people cannot go ahead and achieve……

by yarsadaf

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  Hypocrisy, absence an backbit is one of the satanic qualify and habit that they are always try to find the violence and war……

by hekmatullah

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Where We Stand

waqas sheikh

It is a fact; we watch daily various foreign channels on TV. There are most Indian channels in this list. We watch latest and newest……

by waqas-sheikh

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syed hidayatullah

Life! No one can exactly define this word. It is impossible to define life with all aspects. No one can give a standard and understandable……

by hadilove

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Fashion in Herat


In front of Millie Center is a good address to find both stylish boys and girls in Herat city. This is one of the most popular Fashion……

by fereshtah

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