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Al Shefsky on Pele Mountain Resources…

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The Birth of Pelé


On October 23rd 1940 the footballer Edson Arantes do Nascimento was born. That's not the name most people know him by, and quite likely……

by egdcltd

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Football Star

Muhammad Sohail

Football Star More than any other player, Pelé helped make association football, also known as soccer, popular over the whole……

by Bit-Free

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Pele Coin

Kardiko Simbolon

Apa itu Pele coin? Dan bagaimana cara mendapatkan nya? Karena saya masih nubi, jadi yang intinya aja langsung. Pele coin itu hampir……

by kardi

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Pepe - my idol

Buồn Đời

In my mid-teens I also played indoor football, which had just taken off in Bauru, for a team called Radium, and took part in the first……

by bun-i

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