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How old are you again??


You may think you look older, but in fact you actually look better today! Nowadays you look more elegant, more sophisticated and not……

by Maye618

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CSS Preparation

Mujahid Aziz

Here are some tips to prepare for your CSS exams, Do not wait for the suitable time,start your preparation as soon as possible. You……

by muji101

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World Tallest Man


Robert WadlowHe was born in Alton, Illinois on February 22 1918. At the time he weighed only 8' 6 ounces (3.8 kg). He attracted attention……

by faadi760

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What is Art?

Zace Fox

In my own personal opinion, art is your life, predicted into one state of mind.  I feel as though art, could be confused as just……

by zace-fox

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Mind Over Matter

Teejay De la Llave

While we often think of our bodies and minds as two distinct entities, it turns out they are much more entwined than we might assume.……

by imyajeet

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Black is Versatile

Doods Relator

Black is Versatile   One of the property/realty advertising sites here in the Philippines has posted today write up for color……

by Doodsdpogi

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Aries. ♥

Ma Josephan Louise Aphrodite

For all the Aries out there.. ;)     Aries is a Cardinal Fire sign, ruled by Mars.  As the first sign in the zodiac,……

by jalou

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Staying positive!

Zahid Ahmed

Trying to be positive is difficult, especially when you are not a positive person. I find it difficult to think positive as I automatically……

by zahid-ahmed

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Tipu Sultan

Farrukh Malik

Tipu Sultan (20 November 1750  – 4 May 1799), also known as the Tiger of Mysore and Tipu Sahib. He was……

by farrukh-malik

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Neil Ricardo

Let me tell you something about my personality. Not because I want you all to know but for you to realize if you are just like me.……

by ako-sipako

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Kailey Winslett

How can we be our own person when we are basically made up of different people? Think of it this way, we are going to experience so……

by kailey-winslett

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We need Patience!


Patience is something we all need in this world. The current world is changing each time so that the stuffs we were planned yesterday……

by Hailemix

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Your personality is what conceives you Makes you loyal, and others perceived so make your self unique as infact all of us are unique……

by Haider45

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The Aim of my life


It is perfectly human to have an ambition and to take steps to realize it. Every student sets before him a goal and looks upon education……

by RoshanSitara

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What is our thinking? Mostly a lot of people these days think a lot about what they see, what they want and what is the basic goal……

by NaziaAltaf000

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Headed or unheaded? The letters that you send are an expression of your personality. They signify to the world outside how you would……

by hamayoonNoorzai

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Who is Mother?


A best care taker of any individual is his mother. A personality who loves her child very much than whole world is his mother. Her……

by zainbabu

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sheikh hassan

I have many able teachers. But Miss Fozia is my favorite teacher. She has all the qualities which clam my admiration. She is our lecturer……

by sheikh-hassan

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How to live?

Haroon Mehrzad

We are all living, eating, drinking, sleeping and dealing with others. But really are we living and do we know the real meaning of……

by HraoonMehrzad

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shakir jan

Personality is the total being of a includes his physical as well as mental make up,sensation,reflexes,instincts,emotions,perceptions,imaginations,memory,intelligence,reasoning,will……

by shakirjan

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short poem

Lisa Schaefer

When she was young she was so sweet But when she grew up she got stuck-up            poem by me, Lisa……

by lisasc

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DiD Review

Andrew Heard

Mental illness is a very real problem in society today. Diagnosis of the problems people have is on the rise, although many question……

by AndrewHeard

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