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I Asked…


  What is Life?And she answered:Life is a goal achievedA book read and finishedAn exam passed. It’s a battle you work to……

by Afwebco

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A time talk.

Amjad Jan

When You fall in Love with someone, Don’t think just start enjoying it.Because after some time.You will not be in position to……

by Amjad121

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shiwa askandari

Today I made a topic about electricity, as we know electricity has a lot of value in our live even we cannot live without electricity.Inaddetional……

by shiwa-askandari

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Consumer behavior

Mohammed Hussein

Consumer behavior is how to understand the the behavior of the people and it is very important for any business for knowing and understanding……

by mohd227

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Business case no.3

Mohammed Hussein

Summary: Martha Stewart was a multimillionaire and CEO of Martha Stewart Omni media. In 2002 she made an insider trade and held 3928……

by mohd227

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Europe premier league

Esteqlal FC

  Matches have been started for premier league in Europe last month in which participated the top teams of Europe these matches……

by Esteqlal

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nazanin mereyar

  School is the only place that can be called the common house for education.  In the past schools were in an awful situation,……

by nazanin-mereyar

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