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PC Game Call of Duty 4, Mission Shock…
Tami Sussman "You Owe Me 50 Bucks"
“Oz the Great and Powerful” Movie…

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little story

Mithun Sharma

Mumbai with barely days to go for the 2016 rio olympics , it would not have been out of place for any sportsperson, having qualified……

by mithun-sharma

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Answered Prayer


Each one of us pray for a lot of things. We pray to thank God, we pray to ask for help, and sometimes we simply pray just to talk……

by eldiesreyneber

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He is the One

Nancy Casanas

Its been usual for us GIRLS to really have that kind of dream of meeting someone that can be our knight in shining armor. Most of……

by nancypau

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Sharafat Sheikh

INDUSTRIES In this recent time, people need not only food but they desire comforts and all extravagance items too. In order to become……

by sharafat-sheikh

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Long heels

malika shah

Long heels are the sort of fashion which mostly useable for those ladies who are having short height. It gives a pretty smart look……

by malikashah

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Germany in world cup

Esteqlal FC

  Germany football team is one of the best teams in Europe it was in international ranking after Brazil and Italy and for the first……

by Esteqlal

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