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How to Ghost Hunt


How to Ghost Hunt   Hi everyone I am going to tell you about how to ghost hunt. and my experience with ghost experience. I have……

by vimper10

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World Best Parkour

Ahmad Shahi

Origins in parkour Main article: Parkour § HistoryIn Western Europe the idea of moving past obstacles for personal development……

by ahmad-shahi

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Ansar Jawed Khan

To be able under all circumstances to practice five things constitutes perfect virtue; these five things are gravity, generosity of……

by ansar-jawed-khan

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Abdul Ali

last friday, we all decided to go for the party and have lots of fun together somewhere but the venue was not sure we decided to take……

by abdulali14

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Quote of Moulding

Wu Ming Shi

It has always been my practice to cast a long paragraph in a single mould, to try it by my ear, to deposit it in my memory, but to……

by 4xyz

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Inside Love

Kate Saldana

Inside Love I want to meet my true loveThat makes me feel like God aboveIt’d be so nice to be so special to just oneAnd him……

by kate-saldana

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Self Improvement.


Humans are the only species of God that can talk and have different behaviors. However, they are not always the same because of their……

by Haider45

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Technical Education


Modern civilization is dominated due to the scientific and specialization of education. The technical education is very important……

by Janifer

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Writing style in emails may not be as formal as that in a non-electronic letter. In practice, this means that some abbreviations and……

by massoudnoozai

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How To Learn English!


Here are some tips which may help you to master the English Language! Speak without Fear The biggest problem most people face in learning……

by viyaar

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Sports (Kat Najsarek)

 Great news for the Miami Heat who won against the Toronto Raptors with a score of 104-95 in Tuesday nights game. With Lebron……

by kurt-jonas

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Rural Children


Upon completion of the project whether it is big or small make its designers and workers happy. This routine imaginations is going……

by sadaqatsadiq

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Soniya Akbarzade

  "Honesty is the best policy." It is something that one might say.But fewer may put it in to practice.Honesty dose not only……

by SoniyaAkbarzade

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Sayed Murtaza Aman

  The first question which comes to our mind is that what are the characteristics of the new Christianity? We have to see if……

by SayedmurtazaAman

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