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Celebration of the Holy Festival of…

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Thank God

Kabir Khan

She Is Not What I Thought She Was...Some Times I Thank God For Unanswered My Prayers..Just Because He Dose Not Answer Doesn't Mean……

by kabir-khan-1770

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Feeling Sick

Emaxis Page

 Hi buddies,   Today I am so tired and feeling not well, I have a bad headache and painful body. I want to sleep but the……

by Emaxis

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Saeed khan

MY LOVELY MOM  the only personality which is  real gift from ALMIGHTY ALLAH . the only personality which cares her children……

by saqib-umer

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Mariam lotfy

SCARY DREAM Oh my god. It was one hell of a dream. Here I am in the middle of the city alone .all people are inside their houses.……

by Mariamlotfy

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