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Awkward Puppets: Magic Trick
Awkward Puppets: Tom's Friend
Awkward Puppets: Are You Cheating
Awkward Puppets: Talent Show
Awkward Puppets: Toms Date
New Year's Resolutions [BAD EPISODE]…
A**hole Robot
Grody Brody
A Different Frequency -stop motion…
Winter Time Zombie
Fitness Class Zombie
Rise Of The Living Corpse
Pour Une Pépite de Plus - MAKING OF…
Pour une Pépite de Plus... / For A…
The Wonder Hospital
Crawl Spaces
Kitty Don't Go
In the Fall of Gravity

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Shine: Evolution

Andy Parker Films

Roughly one year ago, I began playing around with new ways to tell a story through filmmaking. The evolution of all of these experiments……

by AndyParker

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