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Stacey Asher on Social Media Investing…
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Abel Ferrara - N.A.T.O with Francesco…
The ATMA Study - scientific investigation…
How To Be A Serial Killer

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Leaving a Legacy

Teddy Jones (Second Income Coach)

What does the word legacy mean to you? How do you view your life in terms of eternity.  Is this life all there is? Are we to……

by bye2debt

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    How to PURPOSE Girl: We're best friends, right?Boy: Yes, of course. Girl: So be honest with me, who do you like?Boy:……

by Ping_Pong

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Kabir Khan

There Is No Blackboard In The Sky On Which God Has Written Your Purpose, And Your Mission In Life... Your Purpose Is What You……

by kabir-khan-1770

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Asperger Symptoms

faizun nesa

What's such a syndrome-Well it is labeled to be a development disorder in which has effects on how the human brain purpose, exactly……

by Akr3

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Never doubt That!


You are not here by chance and your existence is not meaningless. There is purpose of your life and only you can live that purpose……

by Bittlanders

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Owais Owais

Summary     Communicating effectively is important in order to exchange thought, information and feedback. Verbal……

by owais-owais

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Lost wealth - part 2


"I am a doctor, especially Psychiatrist." "Hey good... Was surprised to... Well you have to take them.” I had this crazy sitting……

by sobii

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I always wonder sitting alone what is life how can we describe it. Some says that life is taking of air to the lungs and sees things……

by Zarwareen_khatak

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City life

faridoon barekzai

There is a traffic jam. A big crowd is collected. It is 4 P.M at this time offices are closed. Another tiresome day for clerks has……

by faridoonbarekzai

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