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Sollicitudo (2010)

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Pahpeek de Lacy

One day,the man named "Velmont" gone to the FLOWER SHOP to buy flowers and gone straight to the department store to buy chocolates……

by pahpeek-de-lacy

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Time Is Life

Grace Haki

When I give you my time, I am giving you a portion of my life that I will never get back. Please do not let make me regret it. We……

by grace-haki

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young generation:


Young hood is the best season of energy and capability. It is the best period of our life, the period when we are strong and energetic,……

by parnian175

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" HE & SHE "

Marwa Hassan

*Are you and your guy constantly arguing and fighting ? *Does it make you feel like can’t stand and want to move on ? *Are you……

by marwa-hussan

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