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Cricket Fever

Mubashir Ali

(Source=My Own Edited) Cricket Fever Many of the sports have being playing by millions of people. Everyone has different taste for……

by MubashirNNN

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Dead Island

Anthôny Adopina

Dead Island is a RPG game and survival horror game. I remember the trailer of the game and really amazed me and become interested……

by anthny-adopina

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Mahya Shakofa

women in Islam are appreciated and highly respected,opposite to a lot of misleading and  incorrect information that are widely……

by Shakofa-Nayel

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Haroon aslam

Media is a source to sent and Share information, new,expressed feeling and opinions.I have idea about the two major mean of communication……

by Haroon-Aslam

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Afghan Women

Baher Tabibi

Women in Afghanistan are subject to many forms of violence and prejudice. In this country in which women’s rights are given……

by SBT

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