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Safety Day

Mohammed boussetta

Safety First, all poeple will think safety in here work but also in all thinkhe do in her day.  Safe your self and your family……

by mbousse2016

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WorkPlace Safety


WorkPlace Safety The Golden Rules of Occupational Safety: Thoroughness and VigilanceEveryone must understand the basic rules of prevention……

by sherry1

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Safety Tips For Women

Nice Company

Here are some safety tips that can keep you safe and secured in life. So read on to get that peace of mind. Stay strong in any……

by nice-boy

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The helmet effect

مانوس اجنبی

Has protective gear resulted in inferior techniques when facing short-pitched bowling, resulting in more batsmen getting hit these……

by ReStLeSs

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Under Burqa


Editor’s note: The chader namaz is a large prayer scarf that covers the entire body. The burqa is not required under……

by Afwebco

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FIRE Prevention Month


The Heat is Up!! as per an old song goes.. Yes, the heat is really up especially during this month the "summer month" so we should……

by itchane

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Dairy Milk

Saqib Rao

Due to major developmental changes taking place over last two decades, dairy sector of Pakistan has attained the status of an industry.……

by saqib-rao

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Quit smoking.

Zahid Ahmed

A friend of mine is trying to quit smoking and having a terrible time of it. Having a drink with him last week I could see his exasperation……

by zahid-ahmed

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Hassan Majeed

Sky Diving Skydiving basically is a jump with a parachute done for adventurous and military purposes.For adventurous purposes it is……

by hassan-Majeed

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Road safety(4)


We have noticed the lanes on the road.These lanes have their purpose.The right most lane is called the fast lane/overtaking lane it……

by cobra87

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Industrial Safety


The safety considerations are to be realized and practiced while making use of the chemicals and inflammable products at the time……

by SalmaAnnex

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Road safety (2)


This is the second part of my road safety blog.I will discuss some of the more features of road safety in this blog. Another ……

by cobra87

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Business case no.4

Mohammed Hussein

Summary Miners were digging for coal and then there was a gas detected. The director of safety reported unsafe situation to the mine……

by mohd227

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Hope Devote

 One little ride that I have always wanted to go on and hope to at some point in the very near future is on a hot air balloon.……

by sky-ish

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