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6° Rally Reggello 2013 Fatichi-Becheri…
6° Rally Reggello 2013 Fatichi-Becheri…
6° Rally Reggello 2013 Fatichi-Becheri…

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First Times

Williams Duah

The notion of first times always not being great is common but it isn't logic. Most of the times, first time tend to be the greatest……

by willhardy

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Top Apps, September 2014

Sasi Suriyodara Nophaket

Here are the latest index for Top Companies, iOS and Google Play Combilned. Worldwide, September 2014 By downloads 1 Facebook 2 Google……

by SS2

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'Ber' Months

Rod Sison

‘Ber’ Months   Eight months will be over soon and four of exciting months are coming. More holidays and fun are coming.……

by rod-sison

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My 2013 - Part 3

Tom Chimiak

The final blog this year covering the highlights between September to December September This month meant the start as my role at……

by tom-chimiak

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Autumn or fall

setayesh alemyar

Autumn known as fall in the US and Canada,[1] is one of the four temperate seasons. Autumn marks the transition from summer into winter,……

by saharAyoubi

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War in Afghanistan

Nasir Salehi

The war in Afghanistan is not a new discussion, but it has over two hundred years history and this war always had external ingredients.……

by NasirSalehi

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