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Chop Shop

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My etsy shop


Im trying to get my shop out there and i figured i might as well try this site too. I have sales often, just ask me if i have any……

by stgh

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Money money money


To get a decent money? Sign up here: HereThis new, modern social network connects all platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, You……

by SmekiCZ

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Mobile introdection


TRIPLE SIM CARD ripleSim Cards 10000 MAH Battery Which can last for days and daysBig sound stereo music speakers built-inFlash……

by My_dear

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Saori Sam

  I'm going to share where we can use our bitcoin earnings through I admit that after few days of research, I just……

by saori-sam

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Discover Bit-Miles

abdul weenab

BitMiles Bitmiles is basically a another site owned by the same management of bitlanders which is best among social media sites which……

by abdul-weenab

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I'm Back on Track!


Hi every one.. Grabeh! hirap mag maintain ng stats especially hirap magstay sa LEADERBOARD.. Last time nasurprised ako at natuwa dahil……

by itchane

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Cricket Time! :D

Daryl Gray Belen

Actually, I am not a fan of cricket games! hihihi! So why am I wearing this kind of clothes? It's just nothing baby! I just want the……

by Yuukidha

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make a difference


There are so many ways one can touch people's lives and make a difference,regardless of how big or small that difference might be.One……

by dhelia

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Buzz Bonus Rewards

Melkie Suzette Sunico

  Buzz Bonus Rewards   I was excited when i read the blog of @bitlanders titled ''Start 2015 with a new avatar accessory:……

by shy_melkie

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MVP Prints, what we do?

Mark Manalo

MVP Prints is a small scale t-shirt printing business in a small town of Alaminos, Province of Laguna, Philippines. We offer personalized……


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Joke: Buy a Husband


There was a new shop opening in town. The advertisement announced a special offer. All women were allowed to try it out for free provided……

by makemyday

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Tech shopping!

РОБОТЫ - Константин Смирнов

 GROCERY SHOPPERS! PREPARE, TECH SHOPPING IS IN THE AIR!   Imagine a new technologically advanced Supermarket that takes……

by RobotsandI

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