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baby hazel goes sick game part4
Xcorps Action Sports TV #37.) XCORR-1…
Kawaii 5-2: Our Follies 2
Popeye: She-Sick Sailors
The Kegger

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I hate My life


With each day passing by, I am getting weaker and weaker of living life. I am so puzzled, I am never happy, nothing appears to be……

by Lumz2010

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Clogged to Runny

Jean Beltran

I am feeling sick today, I have colds and now I am feeling this scratchy throat and I know that this will become cough anytime soon.……

by jean-beltran

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A Life to Tolerate


  I have had a difficult life, very difficult.  When I was a young girl my parents arranged my marriage. My husband was……

by Afwebco

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From CEO to Employees

Mr. Shuhag

Dear Staff,Please be advised that these are NEW rules and regulations implemented to raise the efficiency of our firm.TRANSPORTATION:It……

by mr-shuhag

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Not Feeling Well

Gon Fischer

What's up everyone hope you guys are doing great today, well as of me I'm not feeling good today, I check my body temperature it goes……

by gon-fischer

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Good Morning

Caroline Bell

Good morning everyone, hope you slept well last night! I woke up today still full of cold and a sore throat! I hate being ill, it……

by Mumtolily

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when i was child..

Ayisha munir

I remember when I was a child falls ill received special treatment.  She would go back and forth, Grandma would love more than ever,……

by ayisha-munir

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Sick sad creative world !


In the modern online world there are more content creators than content consumers. It's very hard to get your audience in such circumstances.……

by Sochka

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