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Respect of our Parents

Zohaib Hussain

Hello, today I need to talk about parentingOur parents, our co is very important to take care of themWhat should be his to lose from……

by zed1

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SMILE is the best medicine for someone who had a bad day. So if you smile you will feel happy and at the same time you help others……

by Seniorita_Amura

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Hello everyone! Today, I will tell you why you should choose Animaty as your new entertainment avenue! For the knowledge of everyone,……

by jvanity1

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Smile at The End

Claire Marshall

She walked…here and there. She didn’t know where to head. She looked back. She thought there was someone following her.……

by clair-m

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RJ Syed Zain Ahmed

You know what is Smile, I define Smile as light.. Yes It's a Light which show you the way in the darkness of problems, troubles and……

by RJ-Zain

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Muhammad Afsar

Anyone can make you smile, many people can make you cry, but it takes someone really special to make you smile with tears in your……

by muhammad-afsar-9364

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Merfz Jumawan

Smiles do not always indicate that a woman is interested in having a drink with, or even saying more than two words to a man. If a……

by merfz

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Tran Huy

  A customer was bothering the waiter in a restaurant. First, he asked that the air conditioning be turned up because he……

by tran-huy-5194

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Smile Today

Jean Beltran

Made this a few weeks ago and I just want to share it to all of you once again. This is a daily reminder for myself but I want you……

by jean-beltran

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van sinh tran

Don't expect to see a new smile ... then smile back!Don't wait until love ... Then new love!Don't wait until be alone ... Then remember……

by van-sinh-tran

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Aleez Doll

smila and smile and see what smile does for you if you smile once someone for you make smiles two

by aleezz-doll

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bring a smile

Anwar Hossain

Did I offer peace today? Did I bring a smile to someone's face? Did I say words of healing? Did I let go of my anger and resentment?……

by anwar-hossain

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When You Fall In Love.

Blue Hype Design Bhd

  How do you feel when you fall in love? Does it have a lingering effect on you? Ah, love, you can’t see it, you can only……

by iBit

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Renol Doang

Usaha dan doa adalah suatu hal yang tak dapat terpisahkan, untuk itu terkadang kita melupakan hal yang terkadang dipandang kecil namun……

by renol-doang

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Melkie Suzette Sunico

    I salute to those people who smile despite all of their Problems.   Don't let problems shut you down. Face problem……

by shy_melkie

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Try to smile real

Sakido San

Try to smile real Try to smile real big, so much in life. Happiness lies in our hearts. Though one day you stumble, it's still there,……

by sakido-san

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Guys you will hate me for spreading the virus but I can`t help it! Laugh along with me: Smiling is infectious You catch it like the……

by makemyday

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My papa…..!!!!!!!


My father is my best buddy. He is the key of my success. He is too much strict but loves me a lot. No one can take his place in my……

by shonimano

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Its A Great Day

Marlene Golloso

A great Morning to all of you I hope its a good day to all of us! Its a new experience to begin again for us to enjoy life. No matter……

by marlene-golloso

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A Question ?


The question of life, the question of society, the question of taking care of the children to give them the lesson of peace, everything……

by Zeeshan_Khan

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Soft hearted women who love her child a lot. Her life is in her child. Our smile is her happiness. When we are sad UN happy she also……

by shonimano

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Usman Javed

Do not read me because it is useless for you, to read me.It is useless as "someone singing in front of a "Donkey".Reading me is nothing……

by Zeeshan-Javed

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Usman Javed

Happiness is an internal feeling of a person that he can`t express , it can be seen by his expressions and body movements and specially……

by Zeeshan-Javed

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Marwa Hassan

Showing love to your wife every day. Love doesn't mean five-star restaurants or tropical island getaways. It's the simple things that……

by marwa-hussan

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Points to Ponder

waqas sheikh

Do you know what happens when the little pleasures of life are denied? They should get chocked and the heart sinks down. All are pleasures……

by waqas-sheikh

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Child labor


Child is one of the beautiful gifts of the God. Whenever someone mention a child the image of little one with cherubic smile playing……

by Zarwareen_khatak

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How to live?

Haroon Mehrzad

We are all living, eating, drinking, sleeping and dealing with others. But really are we living and do we know the real meaning of……

by HraoonMehrzad

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