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Help for Parents of Children with Autism…

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Depression and anxiety

Wajaht Ansari

I feel lost in a foreign place. For the first time in my life, I feel like I am choosing depression over something else. Why would……

by StonerX

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Azeem Haider

Dear Sir. Can you send me requirements for IT Dept. !!We deal in total It Products includingPrinter Toners New & Compatible Toner’s,PHotocopier……

by hayder_azeem

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Gorgeous Caladiums

faizun nesa

        The particular Caladium can be quite a grow with colourful along with beautiful simply leaves regarding……

by Akr3

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1 - War

Pietro Scala

Throughout history, people have appeared who praised the war as a solution to all the ills of the world. Throughout history, these……

by pietro-scala

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My memorable day

Diner Alo

Me and My lovely Friend enjoy this day very much..I have too much fun with my girlfriend and two blends.The Affinity to me within……

by diner-alo

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Greatest Book


The holy Quran is the last divine book. It was revealed on last holy prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The Muslims all over the world love……

by abraizsarwar

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The process of crystals formation is called crystallization. When a hot saturated solution of a substance is cooled, then crystals……

by mustaqeem

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Sowibah Zamani

“He is Allah who cares about you, and His role is to protect you; He will comfort you and guide you. He will feed you; He will……

by sowibah-zamani

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" HE & SHE "

Marwa Hassan

*Are you and your guy constantly arguing and fighting ? *Does it make you feel like can’t stand and want to move on ? *Are you……

by marwa-hussan

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