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"The Ghost of a Rose"

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Doods Relator

Your Soulmate   Browsing the net, I found this passage that says: "In your lifetime, you will meet one person who will love you……

by Doodsdpogi

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take away my sorrow


You take away my sorrowUntil we reach tomorrowTo remove yet another arrowPierced deep in my heart You became my bestfriend, in a winkInstantly……

by dhelia

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Muhamad Misbah Maoludin

The mourner has come again with his sorrowful song, he never laugh for once bcos he has danced the nursery rhyme played for little……

by proleverage

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"A child"


I was a childI was joyfulI was good-naturedAnd I was guiltless.Today, I am a manI am in charge. Therefore,I am corrupt.I……

by Afwebco

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alone for now

Kate Saldana

alone for now in a room with full of sorrowa lot of agonya bunch of sadnessmake it splendidis a hardestfix to unrigid.gratify it with……

by kate-saldana

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No way out!


I would look at people sometimes, many people who were always around me, mostly in pairs, couples, loving each other like the world……

by Zarrak-Khan

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Usman Javed

Happiness is an internal feeling of a person that he can`t express , it can be seen by his expressions and body movements and specially……

by Zeeshan-Javed

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I always wonder sitting alone what is life how can we describe it. Some says that life is taking of air to the lungs and sees things……

by Zarwareen_khatak

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    All human are parts of the same body While in essence of creation ought to be one When a member of the body is in pain……

by sadaqatsadiq

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