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A Breast Cancer Patient Speaks Out

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My Passion.


Hey dudes and Suzette's,      I am a New Yorker from the Bronx. I have been on a spiritual journey for the past 7 years.……

by PheonixJaelX

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My Spiritual Journey


My spiritual journey began seven years ago. It is not a pleasant story. It is full of ups and downs, mostly downs. Although there……

by riverwild

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Thoughts of Rebie

Doods Relator

    This is the post of my cousin Rebie this evening. This post is actually her prayer and It caught heart and attention,……

by Doodsdpogi

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What is love?

Smoc Petru

Part1 Love is a mystery It is circulated in the Christian faith, in the definition of love. The sentence is true spirituality, but……

by smoc-petru

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Mother's Day

farhad hakimi

Remember that you were worried eyes Remember that night with the touch of your hands would relieve your pain Remember that because……

by farhadhakimi

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Beauty (Kat Najsarek)

Beauty is all around us. It is in the trees, the air we breathe, the different views we take in. I don’t like to limit the idea……

by lana-barron

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