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The reason an ex ignores you after the break-up, because they're afraid they'll fall for you again

by NomiNomi91

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There are different types of clouds. The prefix to the name is a Latin root word:cumulus meaning heap and usually called fair weather……

by dreamertink

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Tin Pham

Có những status viết trong lúc nóng giận nhất thời.Có những status viết vội viết vàng……

by Tiffany_Pham

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My Status

Jaypee Nebres Abrahan

| Photo is my own screen shot |   Hello guy's how are you? i want to share my status today, oh yeah!my buzz score has been increased……

by jaypee-nebres-abrahan

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Hajj of Allah

Fahad Ali Amjad

Hajj is a very important for Muslim. This is Allah's house. Love from Allah and your self and Allah help you If you do not so Allah……

by bitlander-trick

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The Status Of Women In Pakistan


The Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.A.W) said:                                                                                 ……

by Kiran-Rehman

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Economy of Afghanistan

Cosmin F. Negru

Afghanistan is a state located in central-south Asia; other south Asia countries are: Pakistan, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Iran or Bangladesh.……

by thecosmos

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