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"Un Tour de Cheville” new submission…
New submission ÉCU2015 "Border Trafficking"-…
Do the indie way - Titanic vs ÉCU
Do the indie way - Pulp Fiction VS…
Submission to ÉCU 2015- "One Thousand…
Do the indie way - Forrest Gump VS…
Submissions ÉCU 2015 - Beyond The…
Submissions ÉCU 2015 - Intrinsic Moral…
Submissions ÉCU 2015 - Violence Done…
Submissions ÉCU 2015 - The Bigger…
Submissions ÉCU 2015 - Keeper TRAILER…
What is ÉCU?
Remember? - New Submission
Together - Trailer
LAST Chance to submit to ECU 2014
Zapping ECU
Let The Films Speak - Submit Now
Running From Crazy - Trailer
Live - Compete - Submit
Submit to ECU 2014
The 3 Suicides of Paul Hamilton - Trailer…
Cas & Dylan - Trailer
Parts of Disease - Trailer
I Don't Care - Trailer
Lynching - Trailer
The Man Inside - Trailer
Into the Shadows - Trailer
Borderlands - Trailer
Gaetanino, mio nonno, San Giovanni…
Grieta en la Oscuridad
The Preacher's Daughter - Trailer
La paura più grande - Trailer
Une lettre ne s'écrit pas - Trailer…
Le livre des morts - Trailer
Se fa saber - Trailer
Grimm Café - Trailer
Only Fair - Trailer
Fucking Tøs - Trailer
The Search for Inspiration Gone - Trailer…
Les derniers hommes - Trailer
ÉCU Submission 2014 - Juaritos TRAILER…
Xino + Xana
The Dalliance
Balkanika LTD
Everything will be alright- Submission…
Buzkashi Boys
The Nocturnal Visionary - Submission…
Hotel Pennsylvania
Brazzaville - Boeing
Were you the last man to see Hitler?…
Moving Gracefully Towards the Exit
I Am Eleven
Goblin Market - Submission to ÉCU…
Epilepsia - Submission to ÉCU 2013
Counting Happiness
Border - Submission to ÉCU 2013
To Be Different - Submission to ÉCU…
Sommarstället - Submission to ÉCU…
LIMBUS - Submission to ÉCU 2013
A Performance
DOG SITTING - Submission to ÉCU 2013…
Jamon - Submission to ÉCU 2013
Nomos - Submission to ÉCU 2013
Les Chiens Vert - Submission to ÉCU…
Girl Shaped Love Drug
A Mile In Our Shoe
Pineapple Head
Stammurai - Submission to ÉCU 2013
Step Right Up
Malk de Koijn
So Many Ways - Submission to ÉCU 2013…
Eight-minute Deadline
The Story Keeper
Botev is an Idiot - Submission to ÉCU…
Vena Amoris - Submission to ÉCU 2013…
Pystyssä - Submission to ÉCU 2013
To Say Goodbye - Submission to ÉCU…
Vena Amoris - Submission to ÉCU 2013…
Back from Jupiter // Mannen från Jupiter…
DAR HE: The Lynching of Emmett Till
Body Complete
Bottles - Submission to ÉCU 2013
Demonen - Submission to ÉCU 2013
The Treehouse - Submission to ÉCU…
Girl Talk
Lifever - Submission to ÉCU 2013
Cry With Me - Submission to ÉCU 2013…
The North London Book of The Dead -…
SILENT YOUTH - Submission to ÉCU 2013…
BKA 49-77 - Submission to ÉCU 2013
Between Earth and Sky - Submission…
The Last Golden Lotus - Submission…
Mac & Chesse
31 Chords - Submission to ÉCU 2013
Berlin Angels
The Interview - Submission to ÉCU…
How we got away with it - Submission…
Gabin le mime - Submission to ÉCU…
DAR HE: The Lynching of Emmett Till…
Spaghetti for Two
Anna, Dear
The High Price of Gold
Handmade Cloaks - Submission to ÉCU…
Lifedit - Trailer
As it ever was
Warehouse - Submission to ECU 2013
Mali - Submission to ECU 2013
One Shoe Walks Barefoot
From the Dust
Sueños (Dreams)
The House At The Edge Of The Galaxy…
The Waiting - New submission to ÉCU…
The Predictable Life Of Sebastian -…
Hatch - New submission to ÉCU 2013
Crow Feathers - New submission to ÉCU…
Eric Smith - Potrait of a genuine artist…
Motivational Growth
The End - Submission to ÉCU 2013
ÉCU 2013: Interview with Max Lincoln,…
Making Up and Out - Submission to ÉCU…
ÉCU President Scott Hillier about…
čovek koj se presavijo - Submission…
Gawah - Submission to ÉCU 2013
The Apple's Fault
Doni doni - soon you will be artists…
Motivational Growth - Submission to…
CLICHES - Submission to ÉCU 2013
Dream Racer - Submission to ÉCU 2013…
Cultivation - Submission to ÉCU 2013…
Stranger Road
Performances at the Core of the Looking-Glass…
The Perfect Stranger - Submission to…
The Letter to Mother - Submission to…
Love at First Sight
Résurgences - Submission to ÉCU 2013…
Bake A Cake - Submission to ÉCU 2013…
Kwes - ÉCU 2013 Submission
Dancing in the Ashes
The test of Freedom - Submission ÉCU…
What the dwarf sees - Submission to…
Noseland - Submission to ÉCU 2013
NOSTOS - Submission to ÉCU 2013
Non Mi Avete Convinto - Submission…
NEDball - Submission to ÉCU 2013
My Way - Submission to ÉCU 2013
My Father and The Man In Black - Submission…
Mekhane - Submission to ÉCU 2013
Le souffle court - Submission to ÉCU…
Oh Willy... - Submission to ÉCU 2013…
L'estratègia de Madame Bretó - ÉCU…
Homo Sapiens Cyborg - Submission to…
Hotel De Sade
I'm Sorry
White Sheets /白床单 - New submission…
I am Tom Moody
Ecstasy of St. Agnes - Official Trailer…
Stage of Mind - Official Trailer
BLACKSTORY - Official Trailer
Substytut - Trailer
The Last Day of Summer - Trailer
Hadley TK-42
Dreamt in Flesh
Pio’s Generation
The Colour
The Ninth Floor
My Friend The Thief
Yesterday's Tomorrow
Tooty's wedding
The Perfect Day
The Big Bad
Red In the Water
Naturaleza Muerta (Still Life)
Minuto 200
Leap Before you Look
Hunt Trailer
Die Farbe
Angel Without Wings
Sweet Focus Trailer
Senza sponde
Mary and Bill
Beats of Love Trailer
1000 grams
Max Dear Boy
Bright Night Teaser
American Faust: From Condi to Neo-Condi…
The Boy Mir- Ten Years in Afghanistan…
Patient 17
Dear Ana
86 Fuckyous
Turkish Passport
Total Brokenness
Joe Camilleri: Australia’s Maltese…
Electromagnetic Dreams
Long Time Coming
Only Sound Remains
Terms of Employment
New and For Sale
Submit to ÉCU 2012!
THE FILM LAB: Festival Deadlines
Let There Be Sound
Estakhr Party (Pool Party)
Trolley Boy
Das Paket
Les Nuits de Sister Welsh
The Magician
Addicted in Afghanistan
Skynd Dig Hjem (Hurry Home)
Last Supper for Malthus
Not Yet
Peep Show teaser
L'Asilo di Brea
In Deiner Haut (Inside You)
Horas Extraordinarias (Over Time)
Hair Extensions
Even Further
Chambre 212 (Room 212)
Magic Kisa
La Boda De Mawla (Mawla's Wedding)
After the Water the Clouds
Brennan's Sacrament
The Be All and End All

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Road to Recovery

Jon Fitch

This is a collection of videos I did back in 2011 after I suffered a shoulder injury and had to under go surgery. I posted them on……

by JonFitchDotNet

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