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Overview about Querlo, a chatbot with…
Querlo - A Chatbot with a Human Touch…
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Everything about QUERLO

Tirso Inson Bangod

  Photo Credit:   I was so thrilled knowing that an additional buzz bonus will be awarded to submitted……

by TRB

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Survey Chat with Micky


Survey Chat With Micky on 25th August 2016 Hi Friends This is the Screen Capture of My Survey Chat with Great Micky, this Helps Me……

by Sahmi

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I want more surveys


I  like to do the surveys now because they are paying very good rate. The problem is that I have run out of surveys to do. If……

by 7788

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Muhammad Awais

Introduction                                 Cricket……

by awasir

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Survey !!! =)

Saori Sam

  Bitfriends I would like to have a survey. WHat is better? PROMOTE? or REVIEW? For a cost of 10 gems, does 10 gems worth this……

by saori-sam

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1085 More Points!

Maximo Magbuo

I've been a member of this specific survey site for a couple of months I suppose. And I patiently answer their surveys, though sometimes,……

by Robb

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Health and WHO

Azan Ahmed

As we can see from the the above picture, the logo of WHO features the rod of Asclepius, a universal symbol of healing.  WHO,……

by azan-ahmed

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