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Government High School,Aloli-A Surprise…
High School Counselor Does Comedy
What an Ashole (not a typo)
Animal Planet Hide and Seek Pets App…
Golf Lessons from famous European Coaches…
Deranged High Trailer

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A Good Teacher

Tran Huy

  One day, a teacher was attempting to teach the names of animals to a class of 5-year-olds. She held up a picture of a deer,……

by tran-huy-5194

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Education in Pakistan


          At present,Pakistan had a poorly educated population and a very small number of schools or universities.No……

by Tkhan

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Public Schools


Schools controlled and financed by government are called government schools. There is no fee in these school. Students get free education……

by umairfilmannex

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Education is the most important thing for a human being in today's life. These days a person without any qualification or bad qualification……

by zareenaaltaf

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Sports and Games


Sports and games are very important part of everybody life the games is essential for the health. Sports and games very popular in……

by zubair457

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Kindly aspect


Kindly guided in Islam that parents, teachers and elders are respected. With friends and love to be treated with courtesy. Be kind……

by shahbazkhan

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My Village Pharhala

Arsal Khan

My name is Muhammad Arsalan I live in a little village name Pharhala. Pharhala is a very beautiful village distance of two miles from……

by arsal-khan

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     I hate summers. This is because I hate lizards even more. In summers, one gets to see a large variety of lizards……

by hamnakhan

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To day i am really happy and thanks the God that I see you all again here,And I am greatiful to God that you are fine and well .Today……

by mustafaqasimi

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My aim in life

qamar shahzad

Life without aim is just like a word without meanings, a baby without soul, a lamp without light and an eye without sight. This is……

by qamar-shahzad

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Afghan women

Shabnam Hossainy

Women are the most important part of a society and also they have a big rule in making of a society, because of this they should be……

by shabnam-hossainy

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I wear it!


Clothes are different and everyone like the best, but wearing graduation clothe had a different sense to me. It is the wearing what……

by mohmmadelyas

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Heratweb Group

  For many people, the internet, mobiles, social networking and other new technologies are shaping their daily lives. The figures……

by Heratweb

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Schools For Afghan Girls

Baher Tabibi

In latest hundred years Afghan girls destination have got many vicissitudes. Afghan girls had terrible condition in Afghanistan. They……

by SBT

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