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Tragedy of BOAT FACTORY at Balagarh
"The Ghost of a Rose"
Problems In Our World

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Halabang Baybay

We all heard and read about the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that flattened Nepal recently. Three days ago, the Philippine Institute……

by AdGoggleKo

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Christine Jane Paler

Gazillion times I look at youIn every second, you'd let me turn my headTo just stare and gaze at you. I tried to look at other guysAnd……

by christine-jane-paler

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According to greek mythology , agamemnon was the son of (Atreus) and the brother of (Menelous),  King of Sparta.He was married……

by jenefir

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Unfair Choices

Marc Anthony DeLacy Manio

Do you think there are such thing as unfair choices? Well yeah, there are really like that. I know that this happens in reality too.……

by Marky24

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Catharsis           The concept of catharsis has come a long way, since Aristotle talked……

by SalmaAnnex

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Life is such a philosophy whose answer we can’t find easily, life is a philosophy of searching and identifying yourself. Who……

by 92sehrish

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