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Emina Episode 5 Revamped
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Neymar amazing penalty kick in Brazil…
Hotlby has a challenge to take on
Today at Training 04 May 2014
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Esteqlal Team Training
Blind Luck
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About Ramly at War - Practice Day 4
About Ramly at War - Practice Day 3
About Ramly at War - Practice Day 2
About Ramly at War - Practice Day 1

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Swimming Lessons?

Jean Beltran

In the Philippines, any child who lives nearby the sea knows how to swim without proper training. The reason about it is that since……

by jean-beltran

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Art Is Everywhere

Nick Kossor

  Over the past two weeks, I've logged a crazy amount of miles on my car.  I live outside of Albany, NY in a small village……

by NickKossor

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Education in Pakistan


          At present,Pakistan had a poorly educated population and a very small number of schools or universities.No……

by Tkhan

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My Self

Usman Shaukat

My Self My name is Usman Shaukat and In this blog I'm going to write about myself.I was born on 25th of March 1991, at Hattar, a Famous……

by usman-annex

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young generation:


Young hood is the best season of energy and capability. It is the best period of our life, the period when we are strong and energetic,……

by parnian175

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    What is habit ? Accustomed to the practice, procedure and the  repeatedly conduct of persons is defined habit .……

by hekmatullah

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Unemployment in Pakistan

qamar shahzad

Many people are wandering here and there in Pakistan. These jobless people cannot be adjusted due to shortage of sources.                                                            ……

by qamar-shahzad

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The Killer

yasar asekzai

The Killer Siyar Bahadurzada, was born in Kabul Afghanistan during Internal War and problems inside his country Kabul Afghanistan……

by yasar-asekzai

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Hope Devote

Imagine flying a helicopter over New York City. So I was recently thinking of some really cool gifts to give to my brother for……

by sky-ish

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The X-Factor

Nick Kossor

  In my previous blog, I briefly discussed some of the trends I've seen while on the international judo circuit.  One of……

by NickKossor

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Promoting Team

Ibrahim Mahbob

We had a fun filled week of adventure and all the boys were trying to learn basic skills and promote the training team of themselves……

by IbrahimMahbob

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Women in Herat Media


    Since the beginning of Karzai administration, different changes occurred top Afghanistan. For example tens of hundreds……

by zahrra

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No Excuses

Paul Virtue

  When you decide to start working out often it is a short lived decision, life gets in the way. I can't tell you how many……

by PaulVirtue

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