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Jakarta Face


  Not Green, Not Nature, Not Tree, Not Oxygen, Not Breathe, Not Life. Everybody Can Dead.The city of Jakarta entered the age……

by Handi

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jakarta face


Not Green, Not Nature, Not Tree, Not Oxygen, Not Breathe, Not Life. Everybody Can Dead. The city of Jakarta entered the age of 490……

by Handi

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Trees at Shrines

Babylyn R. Ishizuka

 What Do trees at Japanese shrines symbolize ?  Trees improve the attractiveness of a Shrine’s Spirituality. Some……

by bhabylyn

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My First Tree

Mark Lester Almalvez

Almost everyone’s first tree experience has some embarrassing events. Nobody can be an expert right away; we all make mistakes……

by mark-lester

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Tree Planting

Jean Beltran

The earth is experiencing this so called Global warming and I won't be blaming any other creature but human being ourselves. We had……

by jean-beltran

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African Tree Toad

Rhovil Inciong

  The African Tree Toad is a small species of Toad found in the forests of Central Africa. Today, little is still known……

by rhuby123

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Apple on the Tree


The tree and apple were not drawn at the same time :  the black paint used for the tree is more faded out than the blue. The……

by AmandeSev

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A peach tree

Arslan Khan

t is a Young peach. A few years ago, a neighbor downstairs gives it life. Instant of time in the past, is now a leafy tree has grown.……

by arslan-khan-1412

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tree Radix Angelicae

Hà Văn Tùng

1 Scientific name: Angelica dahurica (Fisch.) Benth. et Hook or Trans angelica tree (Angelica anomala Ave-Lall.) 2 Name: Need (Apiaceae)……

by h-vn-tng

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Bhuttri dam


Me and my friends going on a trip to the bhuttri dam in haripur.its was a cold day we all wear a jackets and going to the friends……

by mani-annex

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Wahid family

sahel hakimi

Wahid familyHellow  , my name is wahid iam from Afghanistan iam afghan iam a carpenter .i have a small family . there are six……

by sahel-hakimi

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My school

Kubra Jafari

My school looked like a ruined palace. I remember the huge yard with no trees or grass. There were three huge and old buildings. The……

by KubraJafari

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short poem

Lisa Schaefer

When she was young she was so sweet But when she grew up she got stuck-up            poem by me, Lisa……

by lisasc

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