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Audition - Kristina Murphy - The Harvest…

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s Today, no matter how big the Enlightenment is not promising ... Why not consider myself liberal and secular, but a name of himself……

by Engrrashid

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Who Wants Peace


Dear friends, I am not politically engaged and I do not intend to be. But I fear where the world is heading. There are too many……

by makemyday

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victim of hacker

Jings Rubio

I received bitlanders payment 0.025 last April 9,2015, and I was really happy for that. That payment would be sent directly to……

by jings007

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Amjad Riaz

The division of people in various opposite ideological school of thoughts and groups within the same religion is called sectarianism.……

by amjad-riaz

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Family Planning


Over population is a global problem today. It has reached an alarming extent and demands a quick remedy. Family planning is considered……

by NaziaAltaf000

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This is the most important issue now a day but most of us really unaware of it. As we all know the use of the Bluetooth feature in……

by owaiskn

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Serial Killers

Aly Elsom

There is a man learned the justice from his father, he got paranoia from his father also. And his father taught about many guilt people……

by aly-elsom

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