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Charlie Chaplin in Sunnyside
Beautiful Road to Village
The solitary reaper
"A Farewell to Fools" - Official Trailer…
Halloween Interviews - NYC Halloween…
Webster Hell - NYC Halloween Parade…
Los Luchadores - NYC Halloween Parade…
The Roast Beef Curtains Float - NYC…
Let's Dance!!! - NYC Halloween Parade…
Time to March - The Start of The NYC…
The Beat of the 2010 NYC Halloween…
The Village Barbershop - Trailer
Humanitarian Aid

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Life in a Village

Arx Mugh

Life in a village Culturally, Pakistan’s rural folk enjoy a seemingly happy and contented life. Not that they tend to be……

by Arxal

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Rainbow /pelangi


.Warna pun menghilang tersapu rayuan zaman menertas butiran pelangi tersusun diantara selah cahaya merambat ribuan transfaran embun,,,kini……

by dhelia

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It Could Be Me


Whenever people talk about gender-based violence in Afghanistan, they mostly think it is only about girls. At some point I have come……

by Afwebco

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China progress

Nouman Chatha

China progress Main points 1. Twenty two year before nobody knew china. Confused with a small island one of its provinces.……

by nouman-chatha

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Pakistani woman


Woman is the parson who is the key of the society. In old days the woman is consider like a servant of the home. She is doing every……

by zubair457

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Industrial Areas


There was a time that the most of people lived in a village the atmosphere of the village was clean pleasant and there was peace no……

by Janifer

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abdul majeed

 Floods When heavy rain fall, or when the snow on the hills begins to melt with the summer’s heats, river get swollen.……

by abdul-majeed-4499

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My Village Pharhala

Arsal Khan

My name is Muhammad Arsalan I live in a little village name Pharhala. Pharhala is a very beautiful village distance of two miles from……

by arsal-khan

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nazanin mereyar

karokh Karokh is a beautiful   village  in the east of  herat  city . It has many beautiful sites and very……

by nazanin-mereyar

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A River in Flood

sss khan

  A few months ago, I was with my friend in his village. The village was situated on the bank of the river  Indus . There……

by sss-khan

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Rights and duties

farhad hakimi

Man is asocial creature. He cannot live without a society. The society in which he lives confers certain rights on him, but rights……

by farhadhakimi

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noorzia osmany

  Under the 2001 Agreement, was Afghanistan was scheduled to hold presidential and parliamentary elections in 2004 in order to……

by noorzia

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