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Lifecycles of Post-PC Devices
Film Criticism and Popular Culture
Animals In Medicine And Science
Why We Need Food
Is Film School Necessary?
PAz ~ A Fashion Film by Luca Finotti…
KINGS OF MILANO by Luca Finotti for…
Abel Ferrara on Dangerous Game - Why…

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IT specialist

WHY   Why does monday, come before tuesdayWhy do summers start in juneWhy do winters come too soonWhy do people fall in loveWhen……

by IT-specialist

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why the anger

Junaid SaTti

Why the anger people? How is this different to whats going on in our films...item numbers...magnum parties...mag covers...morning……

by junaid-satti

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I begin to feel that i lose the ability to connect with others. I am unable to speak. What are we talking about? What do you say?……

by axus

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Abid Khan

Bit-miles is a technology that is linking to us.If we do not complete the task when it pays.I ask that you complete each task and……

by abid-khan

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Muhammad Afsar

Social Media These are internet based applications which helps peoples in creating new amazing own ideas and share these to all over……

by muhammad-afsar-9364

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Napabili ng di oras

Riza Asuncion-Gomez

Oh ha, sinabi ko nung nakaraang araw na namamahalan ako sa Qipao at ayoko siyang bilhin kasi mas worth it kung bibilhin ko yung cricket……

by riza-gomez

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How or Why

James Figues

Sometimes there are some aspects or specific areas in our life that we really want to change but we failed to do so. Perhaps you want……

by _semaj_

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Why Do Kids Lie

Sosyalera Lie

A child will not confess to lying to you if she knows you will be angry. Teens usually doesn't have just one reason why they lie to……

by sosyalera-lie

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Consider this...


Why are all of the Harry Potter spells in Latin if they're English?   Are Children who act in rated 'R' movies allowed to see……

by Bittlanders

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Fashion is something we deal with everyday. Even people who say they dont care what they wear choose clothes every morning that say……

by Zubairannex

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A season is a part of year that covers changes in weather and daylight. They are broken down into 4 different categories, spring,……

by Zubairannex

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Mohamed Magdy

“Mentalist, noun. Someone who uses mental acuity, hypnosis and/or suggestion. A master manipulator of thoughts and behavior.”They……

by mohamed-magdy-427

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A Smelly Vagina


Truth be told, nothing can be quite upsetting and humiliating for a woman like a smelly vagina. When a woman’s vagina releases……

by marionb

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shakir jan

If you are girlfriend of someone then you are lucky and if you are not then he is lucky. According to my observation, having a girlfriend……

by shakirjan

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عناصر خبر

mahnaz ahmadi

عناصر خبری در تنظیم خبر ,رکن اصلی,شناخت عناصر خبر است.بدون شناخت از عناصر……

by mahnaz-ahmadi

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Marwa Hassan

***friendship:- is a single soul,placing in two bodies so,it is the best relationship ever between 2 or group of people ***why do……

by marwa-hussan

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Why one learns English!


There are several reasons that the people learn English language. 1: English language is an international language in the world. And……

by shekofa

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Why We Make Film

Alex Nakone

Some weeks ago, I was approached by Francesco Rulli from Film Annex to make a short film on ‘Why We Make Film’. He asked……

by AlexNakone

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