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President New Year's Wishes

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Wish Wish


Who: 24-year-old country girl Carrie Harwood, now based in London Why: Lipstick lover Harwood's casual style has a super-cute retro……

by mrk-khalid

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Our lives are amid by distances. But unfortunately, we the brilliant people of this epoch, love to evade from comprehending the things.……

by Rohaan15

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New Years Wishes

Ruth Dombross

My wishes for the New Year are few A place to call home. Enough to feed my family Friends to share good times with And love enough……

by wiredferret

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My Best wishes

sahil khan

Best wishes for all Muslims....   May the blessings of Allah keep our hearts , and homes fill with happy and joyous ..  ……

by sahil-khan

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Cage for the birds


cage is like a prison cage is the like prison in which we keep some one not on his own choice but our own choice usually we kept the……

by janab

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Am i a woman or a doll?


 Women are more precious and more valuable than what the others define them. Males always gives themselves the right to define……

by Oranos

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