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The Truth About YOLO!

Ngim Da Ruey

Too many of us use the phrases YOLO and ‘Go With the Flow’ too casually. You see those two phrases are usually used……

by daruey

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A Small Tip.


Hey there! Let's talk about life. Yes, I know, pretty boring right? Well, let me tell you something, everything will end. Yep, everything.……

by Floraenaenae

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An Asian Dilemma

K M Sevilla

Everybody loves summer. No cold nights, partying under the sun (or moon? :3), sun bathing, enjoying the view of sunrise and sunset,……

by KTSev

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When I'm Alone

kayenat Hameed

I used to be the kind who'd sit alone and brood upon the hardships of life. But no more. I've realized things like these would never……

by kayenat-hameed

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To Coin an Idea

Tom O'Neill

So what are you, when you are the lord of nothing? I am currently in the process of writing my new drama film, entitled No One Else.……

by tom-oneill

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