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Support your favorite charities by donating Bitmiles, starting from 10 Bitmiles (a fraction of a cent). Gain BuzzScore rewards and make donating fun.

Choose from the donation cards below.


If you are a non-profit, open your donations to Bitcoin by joining bitCharities. 100% of the donations go back to you.

Why join?
- You get free access to large scale data gathered by bitCharities on its entire user and donor base so you can scale your fundraising efforts with larger corporate sponsors.
- You reach out to bitLanders' 500,000 users and their 180 million fans and friends.
- You get your dedicated charity page that you can promote on your own networks.
- You get a profile on bitLanders to share your videos, pics and news, and monitor the donations.

Currently, bitCharities gathers an average of 8,000 daily donations.
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